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Gay, Di Sini, Di Sana, Di Situ. Awww! Almost Everywhere.


Hmm, korang sokong ka kalau saya cakap, Gay ada di mana-mana?? Ermm, Mana negara yang tidak menghasilkan Gay?? Huhuhu. Just now, while using public toilet somewhere in Kota Kinabalu. Suddenly got strage noise next door. I dont have the intention to peek them, but the water splash on the floor giving me refection of their image kissing and rubbing their ****s. My eyes pun O_O"

So i was curious, what exactly the feeling of being Gay? (Not that I want to become one, LOL). As what i can see, Gay usually have a good or better relationship than a normal couple??  I'm not sure about it.

Actually what is Gay?? well, the answer is "(male + male)InLoveRelation = Gay"  :D.  But, What causes a man/boy becomes Gay? Sometime I feel so sorry for gay. For me, Its like "Gay are desperated male who lose their love and had no other choises but the same gender, male".

I always have this question came up to my mind for Gay out there. What is the special feeling when u had your first kiss with your gayfriend? Was is the same as kissing a Girl? Or is there any special effect or anything that makes you more attractive to your gayfriend? As if Gay kisses, especially for those who have mustache or beard. Wew, maybe you Guys out there may want to try the feeling. Hmm XD.

Its hard to recognize a Gay until you saw them %$#@*. And as what ive seen so far, most Gay are hansome and Sexy-tough. The feeling is odd when you see a boy holding hands, hugging, shopping duo-dating, sleep together, especially kissing.X.x

Some people says Gay is bad, the others just dont care, cos some of them are gay. Maybe that is how it turns. "Gay is one of the characteristic of approaching of the end of the world (Kiamat). So thats why im strongly disagree with Gays couple and marriage. What can we do? Dont just sit back and do nothing. At least for me, the Gays i saw @the toilet, I sempat simbah water to them before I left ^_____^. I feel good.

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