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Self Quiz - Personal Quality

(Picture Source : Kimgarst.com)
Instruction: Response the following statements with True or False.

  1. I love myself
  2. I have confidence in my abilities.
  3. I am proactive.
  4. I honour my promises.
  5. 1 am well-dressed
  6. I maintain good health.
  7. I manage my time successfully.
  8. I am a good communicator.
  9. I deliver quality work/assignment/homework on time.
  10. I do top priority work first.
  11. I am a team player.
  12. I make a sound decision.
  13. I treat people with respect.
  14. I provide constructive criticism in private.
  15. I can motivate myself.
  16. I speak positively about others.
  17. I create ‘win-win’ relationship.
  18. I maintain confidentiality.
  19. I avoid making sarcastic remarks.
  20. I know my work thoroughly.

Score 16 and above are TRUE indicates a high personal quality

Quiz By : Miss Ben -UiTM Sabah Branch

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