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Some time, you need to play outside

Nowadays, people usually teenagers so fken lazy to do outdoor activity. especially for those who has Computer, Laptop or Tablets and Internet. They prefer to stay at home and do all their activity on-line for example FaceBooking, Twittering, Online Gaming, You Tubing, Shopping, and even Masturbating online?? . FaceBook, Twitter, Computer Games and Online Games were to Blame??

No no, for me, i dont think so. With a good parenting, teenagers can make their routine balance. Doing outdoor and indoor activity. Parents just need to set rules, what you can do? What you shouldnt do? list, and make sure children set it on their mind.

Why? Everyday, things started from home. And ends at home too. Whos living there? the Elder/parents should be a Role model.

Agree? No Agree? please drop a comment ^^

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