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LOL- Sore Eyes Get 5 days MC

I have no idea, why this vidz terlalu menarik perhatian, sehinggga masuk voting 9gag.com untuk klip video paling lucu. Hmm.. korang tengok la sendiri, sakit mata dapat 5 hari MC..

^^ Enjoy watching this vids

Sore eyes get 5 days MC

Lyrics - Sore Eyes Get 5 Days MC
How to Do??

Hi *clear thorat*
Wait *cough*
Hi *Duck Face* *Peace V sign*
Emmm im having *Pause*
Sore eyes*Duck Face*
The doctor said im having *Duck Face*
Eye infection *Down lips curl*
What the hell?
Ok nvm *Nike Sign* *Peace x2*
And *Exhale*
And And
I get 5 days of MC *High 5 blink2 sign*
K byee *Duck Face*
Byee *Flying kiss* *Mwahhh* *Bite lips*
Byeee *Duck Face*

Sorry.. Ops i just did it again

:) So apa you guys rasa selepas tengok video ni?

Smile :D


  1. irritating, hehe..duck face are everywhere, lol :p

  2. hahahah..that's so funny laa :D


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